Ready By 21 (RB21)


Our Mission

The Prince George’s County Department of Social Services is in the business of providing opportunities for residents of the County to become independent, responsible and stable members of the community.  We do this by providing intervention services that strengthen families, protect children and vulnerable adults, encourage self-sufficiency and promote personal responsibility.

Our Vision

The Prince George’s County Department of Social Services will be a leader in social services, working to significantly improve the lives of the citizens of this County.  We will achieve this by building community capacity, identifying gaps in service, developing community-based solutions, and building a collaborative and competitive network of providers that includes DSS. We will hold our partners and ourselves accountable.

Ready By 21 Services

The Ready By 21 program provides transitional resources and services to youth in foster care, starting at age 14 up until age 21, regardless of their permanency plan or placement type. The goal is to prepare youth for life after foster care and to assist them with making a successful transition to adulthood. Through the delivery of transitional services, youth are encouraged to take an active role in planning the activities and services they need to become self-sufficient. These services also focus on developing and enhancing their social and emotional support systems, social skills, proficiency in education, employment status and goals. Transitional services develop youth:

  1. Maturity levels
  2. Developmental needs
  3. Education status and goals
  4. Social and emotional supports
  5. Financial resources other than LDSS
  6. Vocational goals